Friday, November 19, 2010

My po po kitty...

Baby Coco was sick, she is not anymore but I keep thinking about it and how it made me I want to talk about it.

Ms. Coco got her first issue of ladies monthly last month, and now I need to get her spayed. I feel kind of bad about this, I don't want to cut her open and take out her ovaries, I don't want to think I am the supreme being and have the right to tell her "No, you don't ever get to have babies, never!", but mostly, I don't want her to be sad because she is in pain and feel like I did it to her. She is such an emotional little girl and well, I thought I had more time, she can't be like more than 5 months old...

So anyways, last week she just wasn't herself and I was wondering if kitties got pms. I can't find any information on this online and the vets I talked to were like uh..., so no luck there, but then it got worse, she like wasn't moving, she would just lie there and look at you all sad and then close her eyes for like hours. She wasn't coming to bed and sleeping with me-she sleeps with me under the covers EVERY night, and when I got up in the morning, she was in the exact same spot as the night before. The next night I made her sleep with me, and when she didn't get up with me in the morning I went and got her out of bed and had to bring her to her water bowl where she drank super weak and slow like, and then I put her in the litter box because she wouldn't do ANYTHING on her own, and she pee pee and poo poo-ed but like I said, I had to bring her around cause she wouldn't do it on her own. She wouldn't clean herself, she wasn't responding to any was heartbreaking.

I was just about to bring her to the vet when she seemed to be slightly getting better, so I gave it a day, and she seemed even more a little better and then better and all better. This was over the span of five to six days, the middle days being the worst...I am not sure what was up but I did not like seeing my little girl not feeling well.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I too, want this bathroom...

I saw this in another blog, and agree, I too, want this bathroom. I love the color, the kitsch on the wall, but most of all, the tub. I cannot wait till some futuristic...future when I WILL have a claw foot tub, I dream about it sometimes when Im showering in my shallow tub. One time I tried to take a bath in the tub in my was depressing.