Friday, November 19, 2010

My po po kitty...

Baby Coco was sick, she is not anymore but I keep thinking about it and how it made me I want to talk about it.

Ms. Coco got her first issue of ladies monthly last month, and now I need to get her spayed. I feel kind of bad about this, I don't want to cut her open and take out her ovaries, I don't want to think I am the supreme being and have the right to tell her "No, you don't ever get to have babies, never!", but mostly, I don't want her to be sad because she is in pain and feel like I did it to her. She is such an emotional little girl and well, I thought I had more time, she can't be like more than 5 months old...

So anyways, last week she just wasn't herself and I was wondering if kitties got pms. I can't find any information on this online and the vets I talked to were like uh..., so no luck there, but then it got worse, she like wasn't moving, she would just lie there and look at you all sad and then close her eyes for like hours. She wasn't coming to bed and sleeping with me-she sleeps with me under the covers EVERY night, and when I got up in the morning, she was in the exact same spot as the night before. The next night I made her sleep with me, and when she didn't get up with me in the morning I went and got her out of bed and had to bring her to her water bowl where she drank super weak and slow like, and then I put her in the litter box because she wouldn't do ANYTHING on her own, and she pee pee and poo poo-ed but like I said, I had to bring her around cause she wouldn't do it on her own. She wouldn't clean herself, she wasn't responding to any was heartbreaking.

I was just about to bring her to the vet when she seemed to be slightly getting better, so I gave it a day, and she seemed even more a little better and then better and all better. This was over the span of five to six days, the middle days being the worst...I am not sure what was up but I did not like seeing my little girl not feeling well.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I too, want this bathroom...

I saw this in another blog, and agree, I too, want this bathroom. I love the color, the kitsch on the wall, but most of all, the tub. I cannot wait till some futuristic...future when I WILL have a claw foot tub, I dream about it sometimes when Im showering in my shallow tub. One time I tried to take a bath in the tub in my was depressing.

Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Friday and I'm Wanting

1. A smallish table to use as a desk

2. A Dresser (and this mirror)

3. Wooden blinds
4. TV stand...that ancient Victrola for $600 would be perfect...if I wanted to spend $600...
5. Clothes, I need more dresses, black and tweed slacks, boots for fall, a black pea coat, sweaters...I badly want this pairs from Cole Haan

6. I still need a Treadmill
7. A Car...

8. Secret December want
9. Last but really first...for my mom to be healthy and to circle my family with a cushion of love and sunshine and green grass and blue sky (metaphorically as winter is right around the corner)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

to soup or not to soup...

I thinks it's soup night tonight and I am going to spend all day dreaming about which kind to make, I'm not really excited for potato & ham, or onion beef...I made chicken spaetzle last week, cheesy vegetable is a bit rich...hmm...butternut squash might be good...

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I over slept today...well really I pushed dismiss on my alarm instead of snooze and then passed out...I was late to work too...

The odd thing about this is that my attorneys nanny overslept today and was late too...and my co-workers husband did the same thing...odd

When is daylight savings time? My body doesn't like getting up in the morning anymore :(

Monday, October 4, 2010

Autumn Nostalgia

Fall has always been my favorite time of the year, magic and hope are in the air, the world changes before our eyes, vivid warmth demands our souls attentions while an unstoppable chill permeates our beings and the day shortens, subtly at first then undeniably so.

Fall stirs up memories of times past, football games, raking leaves, bonfires out back, pink inspiration to make the most of this fall and the winter following is the return of classics. I am so excited by the return of texture and tailored details that it's almost all I can derive day dreams hence from. The rich tones and materials of the this fall relieve me honestly, I'm so disappointed of my disappointment every season with what is deemed fashionable, this fall I feel a return of magic and my dreams of a fireside with a blanket and hot apple cider give me a strange calm I haven't felt in ages...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

They need a little work...

but the hard wood floors in my apartment are SO much better than the icky carpet that was here when I got home from work Friday night.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Waffle Party

I had a dream I was late for work. Today we are having a Belgian waffle party @ 9:30 (wtf?), so in my dream it was already past 9:30 and I started freakin out, I couldn't find a whole outfit, I was running around in sweat pants and I lived in this apartment building type thing that was huge and with my whole family and then I finally called into work crying telling them I'm going to be late and they sent this strange man in a mustang to come and pick me up and he had to wait an hour. I was a mess in this dream, I finally get to work, then there's an earthquake and then the Belgian waffle party is over. I don't even eat that type of food, I like eggs and sausage and bacon...or a croissant with ham or something..of course I WILL eat it...I suppose if i put strawberries and whipped fave is strawberry banana pancakes from Sugar Shack on main street in Huntington Beach...but that's neither here nor there. The Belgian waffle party is not from the dream, it's very real and starting in an hour and a half...

Today is going to be a great day, waffles, C got Wednesday off again so he'll be home when I get home, we're getting a treadmill today and hitting up TJ's. I have two movies I want to watch, Where the Wild Things Are and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. And I'm making flounder stuffed with crab and baked potatoes for dinner. But most of all I'm excited to have a treadmill, this urban lifestyle is different, I love being able to walk to work but I don't like running in the city, to be perfectly honest it scares me hermit, I cant wait to scratch that itch without having to leave the house! Yay! Happy Day!

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Young Victoria

Love this movie.
So much.

You should watch it.

That's why I didn't answer when you called last night...and I had company.
I like Emily Blunt so much more now, and Rupert Friend is so handsome and sweet.

Vegetable Cheese Soup

I made vegetable cheese soup. I got the idea from a lady at work, whenever she heats up her broccoli soup it smells AMAZING. So I finally tasted some, and decided to make some soup of my own. Sorry lady, my soup kicks your soups ass...and I didn't add any flour (who puts flour in a soup?)

32 oz. chicken broth
32 oz. milk

16 oz. velveeta - cubed

16 oz. mushrooms
- sliced
1 large white onion - chopped (I like big chops)

2 small broccoli heads (?) cut down to tree tops (I'm still 5 yrs. old)

1 large red pepper
- chopped
1 large green pepper
- chopped
2 cups baby carrots - sliced

salt & pepper

Bring chicken broth to a boil, add mushrooms - cook 5 minutes, add onion - cook 5 minutes, add milk - heat, add all of the vegetables - cook 20 minutes, if you want your veggies cooked more fully then cook longer, I like my veggies crunchy a bit still, so I try not to cook them too long. Add the cheese when the soup is done, it will slightly thicken the soup and stick to the bottom if left heating, so add the cheese, stir till dissolved, and serve. I literally had to to stir it 3 times and it was completely dissolved. Salt and pepper to taste.

Oh my yummy, it turned out exactly how I dreamed it would, I could have eaten more but my boyfriend said don't be a pig. Jerk.
Wonderful night, I like hanging out with V, she's chill and we do randomness and it's nice :) We watched The Young Victoria and this was the wine (see below) I grabbed it from the grocer because I liked the label, I liked it, especially the label, notice the label, isn't the label pretty? I did like the wine too...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Something fishie is going on...

Ive been eating a lot of fish, the more I eat, the more I want.

Last weekend for breakfast it was over easy eggs on top of raw spinach with salmon. The weekend before Lunch was albacore steaks with sliced Roma tomatoes and avocado. A dinner I made recently I lightly steamed carrots, celery, and spinach with Mahi Mahi. I slivered the carrots really thin, I sliced my celery very angular, the spinach was just pretty raw and very fresh. I served in a bowl with the Mahi on top. It was delicious, and really light, and so flavorful. Yesterday I made Mahi, by itself, in the middle of the day, and ate all of it...

I always cook my fish the same way. Stove top with olive oil, salt, pepper and maybe some basil or garlic depending on my tummy. I didn't take this picture, but it looks about right.

Fish Tacos, Sushi, Shrimp Burrito...
I want fish almost everyday, maybe its my addictive personality. I do not understand how some people do not like fish, or can anyone feel that way? I will never understand, I was meant to live on the ocean...and eat out of it...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mushroom Soup

I am making mushroom soup, I have never made it before and I am not following a recipe. Inspiration took root while I was boiling mushrooms a few weeks ago for mushroom ravioli and tasted the mushroom water...

I started with boiling a package of whole mushrooms, in lots of water (I made a lot of soup), I then added salt and two large packages of sliced mushrooms. I let the whole mushrooms boil for about 45 minutes, The sliced for about another 15. I threw in the heart of a red onion...not much (I'm not making onion soup) I let that boil for 10 more minutes.
I then added some more of the onion, more salt and lots of cracked pepper and then it cook for about 20 minutes.

This soup is really simple and it's good! the mushroom flavor is amazing.
I added raw spinach to the hot broth and sprinkled some Parmesan and Padono on top. I am very pleased with my mushroom soup. It would also be good with Asparagus, or steak or as a mushroom gravy.

Friday, March 12, 2010

You say potato, I say taco...

I look forward to every Friday, every week. Not for the typical reasons as most though, I look forward to this day because it means one thing...Farmers Market, but most important about that is fresh, hand-made, potato tacos. I crave these delights all week long. I want them for dinner on the day I just had them for lunch. One of the best parts is there isn't any meat so I can have my num-num during lent. The tortillas are pressed and grilled right before my eyes, I enjoy mine with creme, salsa verde, queso, cilantro, wee bit o' onion and to top it all, strawberry lemonade...maybe I will buy fresh flowers this week too, and indulge in some just-made cheddar-korn as well....Happy Friday.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trader Joes

I love Trader Joes. They have amazing foods, like the seafood sausages made with shrimp, white fish and scallops....soooo good. Best peanut butter cups ever, best peanut butter for that matter, no sugar added and I can literally eat it with a spoon (never been one for that tendency before). What else...what else...oh! They have Sashimi grade Ahi, Trader Mings microwavable Pad-Thai, best ranch dressing you will ever taste, cherry apple cider (during season), a variety of delectable cheeses and meats, seafood deals that keep my freezer full, a broad range of store brand wines that are under ten dollars and really, REALLY good. A favorite is the Vino Verde, notable by its green bottle, it is made only in Portugal...very light and soothing and a just bit of part...3.99, I gave this as a birthday gift to a wine connoisseur, her husband skeptical of the long neck but low and behold, they LOVED it. This store has a co-op sort of feel, organic goodies and just a simple straight forwardness I adore, in-out, bada-bing, bada-boom.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Snow on The Getty

So I had this dream while napping today where I was tromping through the snow at the Getty Museum, I woke up feeling quite peaceful.