Monday, April 12, 2010

Mushroom Soup

I am making mushroom soup, I have never made it before and I am not following a recipe. Inspiration took root while I was boiling mushrooms a few weeks ago for mushroom ravioli and tasted the mushroom water...

I started with boiling a package of whole mushrooms, in lots of water (I made a lot of soup), I then added salt and two large packages of sliced mushrooms. I let the whole mushrooms boil for about 45 minutes, The sliced for about another 15. I threw in the heart of a red onion...not much (I'm not making onion soup) I let that boil for 10 more minutes.
I then added some more of the onion, more salt and lots of cracked pepper and then it cook for about 20 minutes.

This soup is really simple and it's good! the mushroom flavor is amazing.
I added raw spinach to the hot broth and sprinkled some Parmesan and Padono on top. I am very pleased with my mushroom soup. It would also be good with Asparagus, or steak or as a mushroom gravy.

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  1. This sounds fantastic, and something I may have to try during this chilly, rainy weekend. Thanks!