Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I love you.

Not Fair

Everything changes. Always. I know that, I've come to accept it and even love it. But sometimes... 

In the past year I have had two new jobs, been given a car, gotten married, and taken my first real vacation in over six years. That's kind of a lot, no? And my husband moved into a new position at work that gives him a better schedule, and even the flexibility to work from home. Maybe I'm just jealous, no, I am jealous, but we talk all the time about starting a family, so shouldn't I be the one heading home bound? I know it doesn't work like that, but I am not happy for him. I am stomping my proverbial three year old foot demanding no! My turn! I can't believe at this point in my life I am whining about something being unfair but I am. This is a good thing for him, he is still in school and this will allow him to get in his studying and not have to race to class after work. I still feel like I'm going to burst into tears about it though.