Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Date Night?

After Yoga class I always crave Greek food from my favorite rez Georges, which is right down the street. I'm not really sure why this is...maybe it's because the first time I took the class, the gym was having some sort of meet & greet type thing and they were serving Greek food...okay, i'm pretty sure that's why...regardless of the reason, I have never given in to this craving. It's already after 8, I'm by myself, I want to get home, I don't want to spend...anywhy, tomorrow I think I will give in, and maybe take in a movie, I'm thinking Black Swan. Yoga, dinner, movie...I can't wait for my date...with myself!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekend time is here.

It is Friday and I am ecstatic! Fun things to do this weekend! People to see, places to go...I LOVE having plans I actually want to partake in.

Tomorrow there is a folk show right behind my apartment at the new record store, the band is a friend of my friend. Then Bar 107, one of my favorite places, and hopefully end the night w/ some Kitchen 24 Disco Fries and a Monte Cristo w/ Maple Syrup.

Sunday is football and I plan on making Aztec chicken chili, cheddar jalapeno cornbread and sea salt caramel brownies - I STILL have yet to make my dream desert, and possibly black bean mango shrimp salad...depends if anyone else is coming over besides me and husband...