Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Waffle Party

I had a dream I was late for work. Today we are having a Belgian waffle party @ 9:30 (wtf?), so in my dream it was already past 9:30 and I started freakin out, I couldn't find a whole outfit, I was running around in sweat pants and I lived in this apartment building type thing that was huge and with my whole family and then I finally called into work crying telling them I'm going to be late and they sent this strange man in a mustang to come and pick me up and he had to wait an hour. I was a mess in this dream, I finally get to work, then there's an earthquake and then the Belgian waffle party is over. I don't even eat that type of food, I like eggs and sausage and bacon...or a croissant with ham or something..of course I WILL eat it...I suppose if i put strawberries and whipped fave is strawberry banana pancakes from Sugar Shack on main street in Huntington Beach...but that's neither here nor there. The Belgian waffle party is not from the dream, it's very real and starting in an hour and a half...

Today is going to be a great day, waffles, C got Wednesday off again so he'll be home when I get home, we're getting a treadmill today and hitting up TJ's. I have two movies I want to watch, Where the Wild Things Are and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. And I'm making flounder stuffed with crab and baked potatoes for dinner. But most of all I'm excited to have a treadmill, this urban lifestyle is different, I love being able to walk to work but I don't like running in the city, to be perfectly honest it scares me hermit, I cant wait to scratch that itch without having to leave the house! Yay! Happy Day!

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