Monday, March 21, 2011

I want Cossetta's

I am craving Cossetta's sausage pizza right now...oh my gosh, they don't make pizza that good out here, not that Ive had yet anyways. The crust, the sauce, the cheese... it's enough to buy a plane ticket to MN for...

Yesterday I watched Little Women. It was pretty amazing, I haven't seen that movie in so long, and it's so good, I remember the first time I watched it, it was with you and Therese and it was forever ago, I'm not sure if I ever saw it more than once. It was the perfect day for it, super windy and stormy and cold, curled up on the couch and then I made homemade chicken spaetzle for dinner, it tasted just like Bruegger's, I swear, before they fucked it all up. It was a very good nostalgic cozy sort of day. I couldn't remember how it ended, but the moral is really quite wonderful. Jo follows her heart. I wish it would have ended differently, but I think it's a true story...I'm not really sure though...

When I got to work this morning my fish was dead :( He was awesome, he was a person, and he made me happy, and I will miss him.

So this radiation thing is pretty silly, I am scared but I'm not sure if I should be, it is so hard to know what to believe. People say to not trust the media (which I don't) but I found a website with a live radiation monitor in Santa Monica and it's all normal. And were exposed to so much radiation already it's just sort of ridiculous. Especially you. Just kidding. But seriously, our cell phones, electronics, GE energy saving light bulbs (those are bad), planes, trains, automobile's...what pisses me off the most is that supposedly Obama has plans with GE to build more nuclear plants on American soil. I am really confused by this, we should be focusing on solar power, not wind or water, but solar. It's pretty amazing and I can't believe the American government isn't making this a priority. I'm making a sign.

I hate watching the news, it makes me really angry at the things our government has done and kept us ignorant of, and the things we allow ourselves to be ignorant of. I think people don't want to think about it, or they don't think there is anything they can do, or they just don't want to know, or care. and this is bad, it is so irresponsible of us to allow our government to do what they want. They do not have the peoples best interests at heart, there is no longer any nobility in government. It makes me sad.


  1. Ooooh, I just had a slice of sausage pizza from Cossetta's on Saturday at work. That is so funny that you have been craving it.

    I love watching Little Women too- I own it. I usually watch it over the winter. It is such a cold, dreary weather sort of movie. I like how it ends though.

    I had actually written you a longer response to this but it didn't post :(!!!!! Talk to you soon.... Love u

  2. Also, I don't worry too much about all of the craziness going on in the world. I think these events (or things similar) have been happening since the beginning of time. These days we just have more technology to record and document every little scene and detail. If things are going to happen that are beyond our control we just need to breathe, and put it all in the Lord's hands :)