Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I so want to be back in MN, life here is good and right during the week, but come Friday and I miss my friends and family back home. Last weekend all I could think about was the fact that the weekend prior WAS spent in MN, My line of thinking was like, exactly one week ago I was eating greek salad and garlic grilled potatoes on the patio with the hose running water all over our feet which amazingly made me chilly in the 96 degree heat.

And I took like two pictures...which were lame...I hate that the most...not having any pictures of me with my friends I never see.

And the children, don't even get me started :) It was amazing to see all the little ones, my amazing two year old nephew "The Destructor", my week old nephew Sloan, who I got to hold onto for hours :) little Georgia Peach, Jack who is growing up into a real boy, awkward Cash :) Bernadette, who is bursting with personality and sweet little James. Plus my nanny girls I adore. I kind of miss the kids the most...

I want to come back in Septemeber if tickets prices are low....we'll see

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