Monday, July 13, 2015


Do you listen to podcasts? They were always sort of intimidating to me, or really they just seemed super boring. Like one of those activities nerds insist they love, but c'mon, we all know they are just trying to seem smarter than the rest of us non NPR listeners (another thing I used to not do but now LOVE). I grew up with my parents listening to talk radio while smoking in the car and I recall always feeling sick. Which, makes total sense, obvs. But, so, I would NEVER listen to talking in the car, (it's ALL I listen to in the car now).

I am now a podcaster. My co-worker Cindy got me hooked by suggesting this amazing podcast, Living Room. You'll relate, you'll cry, you'll ponder. So I in turn recommended it to my bestie, another never podcaster, who in turn recommended it to her co-worker, and the rest is history. 

So bestie texts me last night, "Have you heard of Serial??" Um YES! I just finished it last Thursday! Turns out me her and the other have all been listening to Serial concurrently and never mentioned it to each other! I hadn't had the chance to bring it up to her because she was on vacation for a week, and basically the same thing with her co-worker. I feel like this was such a missed opportunity! I have been talking about it non-stop to my co-worker who listened to it way back when it first came out and was just trying not to spoil anything for me. To think, we could have been discussing it THE WHOLE TIME. Ugh, I could scream.

So I really love RadioLab, Mau Mau is incredibly eye opening and tragic, Fu Go, Hello, Galapagos, Haunted, Nazi Summer Camp and Brown Box are all worth a listen. I would LOVE other recommendations, I have started a great many just to not really like the PLEASE let me know your favorites!  

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