Thursday, April 14, 2011

Breakfast Anyone?

Scrambled Eggs
Blueberry Herb Salad
Smoked Salmon w/ Cream Cheese, Thick Sliced Tomato, and Capers all on a crispy thin bagel slice and topped with a squeeze of lemon
Orange Juice

On Saturdays I love making something special for breakfast, instead of going out or skipping all together. We tend to stay in and relax with some wine and take it easy on Friday, so it's nice to plan something early and surprise him in the morning. This was last Saturday, the week before was Ahi Steaks w/ Asparagus topped with 2 Over-Easy Eggs (Not pretty enough to post a picture, I was out of oil so I fried the eggs in the fish juice and while it tasted lovely, it looked kind of grayish and just

I get excited trying to figure out what to make.

This weekend I have a new thing to try. Surprise surprise :)

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