Thursday, May 19, 2011

He's a keeper!

Soooo...I guess I am getting married? :) Two weeks after I met him the thought popped in my head, "I think I'm gonna marry this guy," we had never even met in person, or talked on the phone for that matter, and we were 3000 miles apart.

We met on myspace, which used to embarrass me, but now I just think it's silly, like what are the chances? He had a picture of a man surfing as his profile picture that I thought was really pretty (the water) so I sent a friend request, he accepted and said a confused hello, I told him why I added him and he shrugged and said what the heck. My profile picture was of a foot. Hello turned into what music do like which turned into tell me everything about yourself. We emailed almost every day for a month and when I didn't really didn't know what to type anymore I decided to give him my phone number. He used it and four months later I flew out to California to meet him, five years later and the rest is history.

He takes me as I am and is truly my comfort from the storm. He challenges me and supports me and he even does the dishes.

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