Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Song on Repeat

Last night on the drive home I couldn't get enough of this song from Broods, 'Bridges'. Funny thing is, I'm pretty sure we went and saw Broods perform live when we lived in downtown Long Beach at that record shop right behind our apartment, I can't remember what its called...something like Paperclips...wait no, got it - Fingerprints. We only saw a handful of performances there, out of the thousands they had, and Broods was one of them (I think).

I have never seen this video before, it's very German, has that same quality as 'Let the Right One In,' that vampire movie?

But this song captures exactly how I feel right now, not the lyrics, just the tone, the emotion. Very fall, and sort of hopeful, and sleepy Sunday, and staying cozy in bed drinking my coffee.

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