Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Birthday (!!!)

It is my birthday this month, yay. I will be 32. I was always pretty chill about getting older until my pregnancy hormones decided I should now have great fear of getting older and death. Oh well, I figure it's like some survival maternal nature thing.
 31st Birthday last year @ La Creperie
I have had great birthdays the last few years. Typically involving good friends, good food, and dancing of some sort. My birthday is on Tuesday, but we went bowling last night to celebrate. I hadn't been bowling in ten years, it was great fun, the place was the opposite of crowded, and the babe did fine, so we might make it sort of a thing. Or a once in a while thing anyways. I've been forgetting to take pics lately, darn tootin. Maybe I can drag my friends out again on Tuesday so we can get another epic pic.
30th Birthday 2 years ago @ models
The horoscope below says on December 12-13, you’ll have “great fun and enjoy a touch of luxury.” Well I have my company Holiday dinner on the 12th, and am going to my old company's Holiday party on the 13th, so that sounds about right. I will take this as inspiration to work extra hard on my hobbies this month too, sow some of those future seeds mentioned. 

Love this Repell-o-scope from ManRepeller.


Happy Birthday to you, sweet Sagittarius. I know the holidays can feel super annoying because you’re like, “Hey guys, I was born this month too, you know.” Well guess what, eggnog head plus Leandra? Now you can feel extra special because — according to the One and Only Susan Miller — “for the first time since 1985 to 1988, Saturn will tour Sagittarius.” Your birthday this year is practically historic! What does that mean, though?

Well, Suzanna says that whatever you accomplish with Saturn stays with you for a lifetime. Work hard now and start achieving your dreams, because you’re in the sweet spot to do so. You may pop out a baby! (Not in the “OMG WHAT IS THIS THING?” sense but like, if you’ve been trying, it could happen now, and babies DEFINITELY stay with you a lifetime.) Or, you might do a lot of other cool stuff like become an astronaut or a human bagel. Saturn pushes you hard, and you may not actually see the benefits until 2017. This is sort of confusing because I think kids are less cute at age 2 than they are as hot-potatoes, but when it’s your own kid you’re probably way more excited about a baby that can run around than one who makes you hold his head up all the time. Babies are divas, huh?

And if you’re not into all this baby talk, Susan basically says this whole month’s going to be awesome and that on December 12-13, you’ll have “great fun and enjoy a touch of luxury.” Sounds like caviar and cheese sticks to me!

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