Monday, September 8, 2014

Life Happens

Last night the husband was watching some documentary about lions and of course it had to do with a baby lion getting hurt and the mama having to leave it behind. I was sitting there putting a diaper on my own babe sobbing my heart out.

It also rained last night and has been a pretty gloomy day! But I love it! This song is perfect!

I am so excited for fall! I keep forgetting that I live in CA and the trees aren't about to turn orange and red and yellow, and the leaves aren't going to fall off, and our noses and cheeks aren't going to be turning pink anytime soon (from the cold anywho). But I do get to drink salted caramel mochas...even if they are iced, at some point they will be warm. We are going to go to MN for Christmas this year though and I cannot wait. I can already feel the wind on my face and taste the taste of snow - which is just like ice I know, but better. I haven't seen snow in way too long.

Flynn just had a new leap development, which is also called a wonder week. His core literally turned to pure muscle in two days, and he is able to now flip himself over. Literally. Flip. From his tummy right onto his back. I witnessed this. He is also so much more thoughtful and deliberate with grabbing his toys and putting them in his mouth. He is all of a sudden splashing up a storm at bath time, and is also much more interested in his books when I read to him! I love reading and stories and cannot wait to share with him the magic of books!

Oh and he is obsessed with the iphone and computer screens.  My husband shows him surfing videos which he LOVES. He starts pumping his little fists and feet and it is actually really fun. But I find him now looking at these screens whenever he sees them even if there is nothing on. No babe, please don't be obsessed with technology yet.

He is crying a little bit more now, but that's kind of okay cause he wasn't much of a cryer in the first place. Giving him a little dip in his tub or just splashing water on him from the sink seems to really help though. Water is super soothing to me too little bug!

He does this thing when he is going to sleep where he lays on his soft blanky and he wants it touching his cheek so he'll turn his head from side to side real fast and it is seriously the funniest cutest thing ever. Another thing he does is chew on his blanky, like you think he might choke or something but when you check he literally has the tiniest little bit in his mouth and he'll just chew on the edge. I want to make note of all of these small things so I never forget.

I had all of last week off to spend with my parents who were visiting from MN. It was super super great. The weather was slightly milder than usual (80s not 90s) and the ocean was especially tropical. I think my favorite thing was getting to swim in the ocean with my husband while my parents watched Flynn up under the umbrella. We used to live in the ocean and it has been so long since we just jumped in and swam around without scuba gear on our backs!

My other favorite thing was being able to breastfeed my babe. I hate pumping and I hate being at work because I can't be with him and nurse him, so it was great to be with him all week and give him sustenance all while my soul was being fed too.

I loved having you here too mom and dad ;) It was my moms first time to CA and to see the Pacific Ocean and she loved it! Hopefully they will be back again soon! I loved seeing them with Flynn. He loves them and they love him of course. I need to visit MN more, I miss my family so much.

Seeing things like the lion documentary make me incredibly sad, but also extremely grateful and cautious. Please don't let anything ever happen to my precious little bug. I love him so much.

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