Monday, November 17, 2014

Meanwhile on the internet...

This is Lauren Conrad from the OC. 
Gosh do you remember that show? So awful. 
Pretty sure it's ruined our future :| 
but this haircut? Not awful at all. 
I think I might be getting it done on me tomorrow night. 
So thank you for that Lauren. You were always my favorite.

I love this Ostrich satchel for tablet, I can't tell 
though if it's just something you slide the tablet into, 
or if it folds so you can prop it up? 
Either way, ostrich leather is so gorgeous. 
I never realized that's what this is...
Polaroids are old school cool but timeless don't you think? 
There are so many options out there now for printing your instagrams. 
We have a bunch of magnets on the fridge of my favorites, 
but printing them as a Polaroid? I need this.
These agate bookends are awesome.
 Earthy. Heavy. Quality. 
And a good weapon if you have a burglar.

Just bought our plane tickets to spend Christmas in Minnesota.
This Jacket is perfect.
I don't care if she's everyone's favorite, 
she's my favorite too. Love her fresh face. 
I know what I'm getting everyone for Christmas.
A burned copy of Seth MacFarlane Holiday for Swing.
Sorry, not sorry.

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