Monday, January 26, 2015

Husband, Food, WTF

My husband is so frustrating sometimes with the way he says things! I made him breakfast in bed yesterday (scrambled eggs w/ chicken sausage, spinach and feta). "How is it?" I ask. His response, "It's pretty good." What does that even mean? I say pretty good if it's slightly better than okay, or if I expected something to be really bad, but it surprised me and is actually, "pretty good." But his 'pretty good' equates to my 'really good' most of the time, but sometimes he means it the same way I mean it. Ugh. "Well would you want me to make it for you again?" "Sure...I would eat this again."

Another thing he does, I ask, "are you hungry?" He responds, after a decent pause, with "uuum...ya I could eat." What? You're either hungry or you're not. You want to eat now, or you want to eat later. What is this, I could eat. As someone who is always in a state of, I could eat, this response makes me furious. I like us to eat at the same time so we can, well, eat at the same time. Have our meals together and what not. I would much rather have him respond with "yes, let's eat," or, "I'm not too hungry, let's wait." Or even just yes or no would be fine.

He also says he doesn't think about food that much. Who the f*&% did I marry? A cyborg? Who doesn't think about food? I am almost always thinking about food, planning my next meal, thinking of what's for dinner, am I cooking or picking up, what will the baby eat, and so on and so forth. I pay close mind to my cravings as I believe they are my body telling me what it needs. He says he never craves anything other than food, when he's hungry :|

And last but not least, the often asked, never properly answered question. "Where do you want to eat?" I'll even give him options, do you want tacos, or sushi, or pizza, or sandwiches, but his answer is always the same - "Whatever you want." No...I just gave you our choices, now you get to pick, that's how this game works. "What are you hungry for?" "I'll eat whatever." He says I shouldn't give him to many options, or any options, but sometimes I'm open to more than one thing, and I'd like him to choose. YOU KNOW?!

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