Sunday, January 18, 2015

Into the Gloss Weekend Workouts

I haven't even watched episode 1, but episode 2 has new moves I haven't really seen before. Variety is the spice of life, and I've found mixing up my simple moves makes them much more effective. These workouts are also perfectly my style, short

Episode 1: modelFIT Full Body Workout

Welcome to our latest feature, the Weekend Workout—a video series aimed at keeping everyone accountable to those pesky “stay fit” resolutions. The first installment comes courtesy of modelFIT. Vanessa Packer (co-founder of modelFIT and bonberi) demonstrated modelFIT's signature small movements for us (but for you, really), in her apartment, proving that you do not need to leave your apartment to stay active. Published on Jan 10, 2015.

Episode 2: Arms For Abs  

In this week's episode of the Weekend Workout, join Karen Lord, of Karen Lord Pilates Movement, in her Arms for Abs routine. Learn how to work your arms while also using your abs, which is basically like killing two birds with one set of light hand weights. It's five minutes and the only other equipment you need is a floor. It's almost too easy. Published on Jan 17, 2015.

Episode 3, Legs for Butt
Take a break from your hand weights with Karen Lord's Legs for Butt series—a floor Pilates routine aimed at working the legs, powered by the core and glutes. It'll take 15 minutes and if you've got some nice carpeting, you don't even need a mat for this one! Remember: the burn means it's working. Published on Jan 23, 2015.

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