Monday, January 12, 2015

Tomato Potato

I used to work at an Italian Deli in downtown Long Beach which was frequented regularly by cops. I sometimes asked them clever questions like, fight any crime today? So clever, right?! 

Police Officer: You know those guys that sell porn on the corner?
Me: No...
Police Officer: Really? You don't ever see those guys selling porn out of a cart?
Me: No, never...
Police Officer: of those guys got shot today.
Me: Good.
Police Officer: What?! He's just trying to make a buck, poor guy. Of all the people to rob...
Me: Well I think he deserved it, selling porn on the street?!
Police Officer: Porn.
Me: Yea, that's disgusting.
Police Officer: CORN. He was selling corn.
Me: Oh...that's messed up then.

Anyways, have you ever had that corn? It is seriously AMAZING. As are most things doused in mayo and cheese powder. And easy too. All you do is roast some corn on the cob, douse it in mayo (as previously mentioned) dump a ton of that Mexican powdered cheese on it (I think it's called cojita?) (the Mexican equivalent of powdered Parmesan cheese) and finish with hot sauce or chili powder of your choice. I prefer Tapatio. Let me tell, it is to die for, but not necessarily to get shot for...

p.s. Not my photo.

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